Finding my Freelance Gig Values

freelancer gig pricing May 16, 2020

Value is a really relevant word for me. I use it in my marriage, in my relationships, and in my business. I believe that when you value time, money, people, and life comes across within intentional actions. Although, all of these topics could warrant at least a 10 page thesis from me, I thought to stick with the value in business.

Value can be confusing with platforms like Fiverr (which I use often), Upwork, and TaskRabbit, I believe consumers have a false sense of reality when it comes to pricing. I once heard a consumer say, “Why would I get your service for $150 when I can get it on Fiverr for $25 bucks!”. I suppose the consumer had a point IF the seller didn’t understand his/her work. Most of the time with those platforms you end up paying for what you “low pay” for if it’s DRASTICALLY low compared to the normal price of the service you are desiring.

Which brings me to my question, What is your Value? I believe that there are...

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